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Śhastrāṅgā® – A word which evokes energy and tradition. This unique Table Top Board Game brings to you what is quintessentially Indian culture with endless fun and the satisfaction of unravelling the mysteries of life, every time you play it. GAME ON!

About Śhastrāṅgā® Game

From Time Immemorial, Along With The Epics, Science And Shastras, There Was In Every Household In Ancient India, A Knowledge Imparted To The Younger Generation On Astronomy And Astrology As A Aphorism.

Till The First Invaders Arrived, There Was A Vast Body Of Evidence On The Detailed Research Been Done By Greats Like Varāhamihira And Bhāskara; But The Ultimate Homage Has To Be Given To Sage Bhrigu For His World’s Oldest Work Now Clubbed By Various Authors Under What’s Called A “Samhita” Or ‘Compilation’. It Cherry-Picks Details Of Many Similar Aspects Found In Varied Works. The Samhita In Subject Relevant Astrological Parlance, Is Nothing But An Encyclopedia Of Astronomical, Astrological, And Other Aspects Of Human Interest Where People Have An Abiding Faith And Belief. Hence, The Samhita Can Rightly Be Termed A Work Of Social Science, For Social Science Has Reference To And Explanation Of Almost All The Aspects Of Social Life And Those That Have A Human Appeal. And Then There Is Nakshatra Sūtra A Treasure Found In The Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa.

The Celestial Sky And The Houses Our Moon Occupy Each Day Of Its 27 Odd Nightly Courses Across The Skies Was “By Heart” To Every Child In India. Its Placement, Importance, Benefits, And Rituals With Deep Impact On The Psyche And Well-Being Of The Individual Had Been Well Understood And Recorded In Every Ancient Text In India. This Is Foundational, Fundamental And Second After The Most Asked Question Of “Our Reason For Existence” On Understanding Each Other!

I Am Śhastrāṅgā®. I Am That Emotional And Cultural Engagement That Bridges You To The Ancient Knowledge And Opens Up A Multitude Of Possibilities Of Endless Fun, Learning And Making You ‘Past Ready’ To Understand Future. A Game Which Can Be Equally Played By A Novice Regardless Of Which Culture Or Walk Of Life She/He Comes From, This Game Is Adopted For Ease, Fun, Interactive And Intellectually Stimulating, For The Seeker Of Indoor Activity.

This Strategy Board Game Is A Game Of Conquest, Betrayal, And Lordship Over A Star Sign Of Your Choice As You Venture Through Star Constellations The Ancients Used To Guide Their Travel Through The 12 Months Of The Year. The Nature Of Each Star Was Also Used To Understand The Person Born Under It And Predict Their Actions.

Through The Course Of The Game, The Player Gets Exposed To The Sequence, Habits And Nature Of Each Star Sign. To Make It Fun And Riveting, The Aim Of The Game Is To Occupy The Territory Of Your Opponents And Deny Them The Opportunity To Own Their Own Star Signs. The Game Can Be Played With Two Or More Players, With Each Player Taking Turns To Roll The Twin Dice As They Move Around Different Star Houses, Identifying Their Star “Color” Within The 12 Moon Mansions. There Are A Total Of Twenty-Seven Star Houses Divided Among Nine Ruling Planets.

Own This Luxurious Bespoke Limited Edition Playing Board Which Is A Collector’s Envy And Owner’s Pride. This Exquisite Interpretation Of How A Family Board Game Ought To Be; Is Made With Exemplary Level Of Craftmanship; Right From Hand Finished Brass Handles, Burnished Copper Plate Logo To The Elements And Accents Which Enhance The Playing And Convenience Pleasure. The Colors Matched To The Selected Board Theme, Laser Cut Tags, UV Printed Play Area, Sculpted Legs And Treated Mature Wood* For Extended Life Which Bear Testimony To Craftmanship And Our Choice Of Long Lasting Material. The Senses Are Further Heighted By The Back-Lit Currency And Card Holders For An Evening Of Low Light Family Or Party Get-Together Setting. The Enhanced Whisper Silent German Track Rails With Soft Touch Is A Delight To Operate With Minimal Turbulence To The Play Construction Done On The Board During Play.

This Board Game Is The Much-Awaited Renaissance For Family And Friends Rooting For A Get Together With A Digital Detox And Mindful “Logged-Off” Activity. Now You Have A Name For It, Call It “Śhastrāṅgā® It” Where Your Long Afternoons, Rainy Or Snowy Weekends Become A Celebration Of Togetherness And Slow Excitement Which Builds Round After Round For Hours Together. An Inter-Generational Game Which Covers The Grade-Schooler, The Teens, Parents And Seniors Requiring Just Enough Strategies To Keep The Groups Sharpest Wits Engaged, The Possibilities Of Making Memories Are Varied. Now By “Śhastrāṅgā® It” You Will Be Creating Priceless Friends And Family Moments That Will Achieve Lore Status As This “Built For A Lifetime” Game Board Changes Hand, Generation To Generation. Every Time You Replay-It, You Discover Something New, This Is The “Untold Secrets……”

Afraid To Talk Or Avoid The Dreaded Academics, Career Or Relationship Question And Yet Want To Spend Time Together? Keep The Spirits High And Chit Chat To A Minimum Lets “ Śhastrāṅgā®It”

Every Shastranga Game Board is hand made

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Śhastrāṅgā® – A word which evokes energy and tradition. This unique Table Top Board Game brings to you what is quintessentially Indian culture with endless fun and the satisfaction of unravelling the mysteries of life, every time you play it. GAME ON!
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