What is this Shastranga Board Game About?

This is an Astronomy/Astrology based Table Top Board Game where you have to “OWN” your Zodiac sign, and others have to prevent you from owning it.

What is the Age group this can be played?

This can played by 8+ age group. Skills required are - Strategy, Resource Management, Financial Management and Negotiation.

Where is this Board Game Made?

It is a truly modern Indian board Game with a 7500 year old star sequence. This Board Game is exclusively made in India, with accessories sourced from deferent parts of India.

What is this game based on?

This game is based on the individual person’s Zodiac, both in Vedic Astrology and Greek Astrology, with planetary positions which impact us on a daily basis. The game can raise in complexity depending on the players.

What are some of the records of this game?

Shastranga Table Top Board game has several records to its name, and since it is a bespoke limited edition commercially produced board game it has the following to its credit a) The Oldest star sequence board game in the world b) The first game in the world to blend Astrology and Astronomy as a form of playing and prediction. c) The Largest wooden playing surface in the world which can be played by upto 6 players d) The World’s most expensive commercially produced Board Game e) The First Board Game where Currency and Challenge cards can be customized to read with a personal touch from your side in words.

How do I buy Shastranga Board Game?

Please visit our website and go to the “Own the Experience” page. Click on the design you want and make the payment. You will get a payment acknowledgement and a tracking number which you can track online. You can also interact with the owner, designer and developer of the boardgame to clarify doubts and ask for further details on support@shastranga.com. Immediately on placing the order you will first receive a “Royal Scroll” from Shastranga, acknowledging your purchase and giving you a snapshot of your purchase. This (scroll) will be shipped to you within 48 hours of your purchase. The Board Game is a heavier shipment, and it has to be specially packed for the rigors of shipment. It takes approximately 12 working days if you are in California and 14 working days if you are living in Sydney, 16 working Days if you are living in Cape town and 9 working days if you are living in London. Factors like lockdown, custom clearance or bad weather are not factored into this shipping time and it is possible additional delays may happen.

What am I buying?

You are buying a complete leather bound branded suitcase with a Board game ready to be played, which includes the following Standard Accessories – 1. Custom Playing Board 2. Custom Playing Dice etched 3. Nakshatra House Card 27 4. Temple Card 8 5. Playing Kubera currency K50,050 6. Booklet Guide 7. Cowrie Shells 12 8. Construction Objects Hut – 18, Stupa – 9, Utajam – 12, Anantara – 6 9. Machined Temple Badges 4 10. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha 11. Sri Yantra printed on copper plate embedded inside draw 12. Vintage finish 1.5” Compass embedded on playing Board

What if I get the Board Game and decide to return it?

We urge you to take your time to scroll through our website, download the first 11 pages of the game manual and thoroughly satisfy yourself of the uniqueness and exclusivity of this board game before you buy. Once bought it cannot be returned.

What if there is something missing in the shipment?

We video record all shipping during packing and if anything is missing we review the footage and also share it with our esteemed client to confirm that an item is not missing. If we do find that a particular item is missing we ship it to the customer free of cost, with the custom clearance being part of the customers responsibility. Note: In the custom version one of the contents is “Saligram” which in sometimes subject to additional scrutiny by customs official because of the nature of the stone. We in Shastranga will be happy to provide any additional documents required by the customer to ensure a smooth clearance of the shipment subject to timely information. Usually documentation process in India takes 5-7 working days.

What if something is broken when I receive the item?

We urge our customers to take a video of the “Unboxing” of the game board as it will help to record the problem you face and easier for us to send the broken item to you in express courier. Again we will replace the broken item free of cost.

What warranties do I have for this game board?

We are absolutely sure of our production quality and firm in our belief that this will last a life time. This game board is made of wood with accents of leather. So proper storing and upkeep of the product is important. The item although well treated and proofing done would require proper handling and may (depending on weather and environment) be subject to swelling or cracks in very rare occasions when exposed to moist area or under direct sunlight/heat.

What additional accessories do i get in the Top end version of Shastranga Board Game?

a) 6 Warrior Pratika b) Sanctified Panch Mukhi Rudraksh c) Marbles Denoting 9 Planets d) Śhastrāṅgā® Black LV T-Shirt Polo Pima cotton *(Large) from Rottweiler Squad (M&F) e) Hand stitched Leather Dice Roller

What safety net do I have when I spend so much money buying this game?

We in Shastranga are proud of our exclusivity in design and quality of product. Our reputation acknowledged by certification from world bodies are too precious to sacrifice or be held hostage to any kind of disrepute. Rest assured that you become part of the Shastranga family and we track our game right upto the time you receive the Game Board at your end. Our relationship starts when you buy Shastranga, it does not end when you have made the payment.

Who has bought this game?

To the time of compiling this we have sold around 18 of this Board Game. These customers are most exclusive from reputable business houses and screen personalities. Our confidentiality agreement does not allow us to reveal the list. We will list only those who want their name listed on our site or who have shared their home video of the game being played. (We donot show unboxing videos)

What does buying this game board mean to me?

With a whole list of worlds first for Shastranga, you immediately become a member of the most exclusive club of owners of this bespoke game board. You will be a One in 100 in the whole world to own this Board Game. A Board game which will increase in value as it ages.

Does this Board Game require Installation?

It is a simple DIY process. Yes the first time assembly needs adult supervision. The carved footer of the board game will need to be fixed to the recess provided at the bottom of the playing board.

How to Change my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast

How do you ship the Game?

We have tie up with Shiprocket who have a set of world class shippers like DHL and FedEx who will get this game board to you on time, safely.

Does this Board Game require Installation?

It is a simple DIY process. Yes the first time assembly needs adult supervision. The carved footer of the board game will need to be fixed to the recess provided at the bottom of the playing board

Will I get any support once I buy this game board?

Absolutely YES. While this a fairly independent game any updates on the dynamics of the game to make it more exciting and interesting will be shared with the owner of the Board Game. Remember you become part of the family when you buy Shastranga the journey is of a lifetime and we are here to support you.

Is Shastranga Website secure?

Shastranga website is a SSL certified secure website with encrypted payment gateway and certified “Trusted Site”. Trust us when we say this, Our customers are special, exclusive and discerning. It is in our interest to provide the highest level of safety and security to you when browsing and buying from our site.

Is there a discount available for buying more than 1?

When buying the worlds most exclusive and limited-edition Board Game you should not let such thoughts cross your mind. No, we do not have any discounts. We ensure we keep our price list updated at all times and depending on the availability of raw material and services costs, reserve the right to make changes to the pricing.

What are the usual problems which is encountered post payment?

Usually nothing. However, having reached your country (shipment destination) there are certain items within the Game board accessories which may require specific clearances from your custom officials. This may include approvals for wooden products, leather products and stones. Usually such limitations are only when you import in bulk and is imported for commercial purpose. Our documentation clearly states that the consignment is a Board Game. We have not encountered any issues so far in any of our shipment except an additional 3-4 working days in South Africa. In these case we provide the additional supporting documents which need to be generated from the shipper (Shastranga) Country of Origin and its smooth sailing from the buyers side.

Is there a public forum where I can know more about Shastranga?

We are happy to provide you with whatever information you would like to know about the game and its contents. I doubt there is a forum because Shastranga is not a mass produced Board Game which requires star rating. It is a fun and exciting board game suitable for players spanning 3 generations. It is knowledge based, educational and challenging. Individuals who have bought Shastranga have played it and in some cases just showcased it in their living room as an artifact. This will tell you how exclusive it is. You are joining a very rare club of discerning buyers who wants to stand out as a savant of home entertainment.

How do I customize the currency and Q Cards?

When buying the top end version of Shastranga there are dialog boxes where you can input the information you want to be printed on the currency and the Q cards. Incase of any glitch you are welcome to share the information which you want printed by e mail on support@shastranga.com with the order tracking number. Note that 0nly 40 alphabets can be input onto the currency and on Q cards a maximum of 25 regular sized words.

Is there any other reason a shipment could be delayed?

The customization of Currency and Q cards take time, as the game payouts have to be adjusted and the recommended words fit into the available space. Also once customization order is taken, the Q cards carry a value which needs to be balanced with the rest of the game to provide maximum satisfaction to the owner of the Entertainment Theater. Usually a trial game is played with the customers suggestion atleast once before finally printing it. In case of such customization requirements, please expect a delay of an additional 7-10 working days. (Total shipping time may extend to 20 days, but trust me its worth the wait when you have your favorite name on the currency!)


Śhastrāṅgā® – A word which evokes energy and tradition. This unique Table Top Board Game brings to you what is quintessentially Indian culture with endless fun and the satisfaction of unravelling the mysteries of life, every time you play it. GAME ON!
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