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Must-Have Board Games, Collector’s Edition, Hobby

We all are playing board games right from our childhood. And all of us agree on the fact that we have learned many things by playing them. Board games have taught us leadership skills, patience, following the rules, mindfulness, and much more.

Every year, many board games are being created and launched, with different approaches, rules, etc. So, today let us tell you about some of the must-have board games that are collector’s editions. And read till the end as we are going to tell you about the largest board game in India.

So, without further ado, let us begin!

  1. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is an all-time favourite game of children. It is very easy to understand and once you start playing, it becomes very fun to play! It is one of the must-have board games, wherein the players collect matching cards to claim the railway routes, thereby, connecting various cities. A candidate gains extra points on reaching the destination.

This game can be played with a maximum of five players. The makers of the game are constantly improvising the game to make it more fun and interesting. The ticket to ride should be in everyone’s board game closet. Get it now!

  1. Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble is a premium board game that is loved by both children and adults. It is an intellectual game wherein the players will make words and subsequently will be marked. This education board game is interactive and enhances the mental skills and vocabulary of the players. This game can be played even by children of age ten. If you love vocabulary, then this game is a must-have.

  1. Monopoly

Turn your boring game night into an interesting one with the monopoly board game. This game can be played by both kids and elders. It is attractively designed and includes a bank, cards, tokens, dice, etc. Players can buy, sell, and rent properties in this game. Not to forget, the jail is also there! Thus, to eliminate your boredom and enhance your mental skills, families must play monopoly. This is one game that everybody played while they were kids.

  1. Snakes & Ladders

Who can forget this game! This is the most played game by each one of us, isn’t it? And this game was not limited to the board. It was on study tables, at the back of carrom boards, etc. The best thing about this game was it enhanced the observation skills and focus levels of the players. This board game is perfect for those who wish to spend quality time with friends and family. It is also a great gift for any kid.

  1. Chess

Chess can sometimes be boring and sometimes very interesting. It is a mind game that encourages players to improve and enhance their mental health and abilities. It is always advised that kids should start playing chess to strengthen their minds. Thus, this can be a board game that can be played with friends and family, but only two sides/players can engage at a time.

So, these are the top five board games that one can have fun playing with. If we told you that there is one board game that is better than any of the board games present in India! Yes, there is one such board game! It is Shastranga.

Shastranga is one of the most expensive games in India that has the largest playing surface area. This board game, unlike the ones mentioned above, combines cultural and emotional knowledge, making the kids and elders aware of astronomy and astrology.

Yes! The game is a mixture of astronomy and astrology that is fun and intellectually challenging to play. The main aim of this game is to make everyone aware of various things like an invasion, treachery, start signs, etc. This board teaches cultural lifestyle to the people.

Now, you must be wondering why Shastranga is better than others. Well, the makers of this game claim that this game is a blend of ancient beliefs and modern observations that has the capability of opening up several memories that elders cherish. The kids will get to know so much about Indian culture and traditions.

Apart from being a pleasurable game, Shastranga is made with solid brass and wooden material. Board games like Shastranga are much better as compared to video games because it keeps you energetic and joyful.

Well, there has always been a debate about which is better – board games or video games? If you ask us, then we would say board games are better because spending quality time with your friends and family helps in releasing endorphins, i.e., happy hormones that promote good health and enhances your productivity.

Also, there is so much to learn from board games. For instance, Shastranga helps you in knowing about Ancient traditions and cultural history, giving players a new perspective.

As we talk about Shastranga, one thing to highlight here is that this game opens up a new story every time one plays a game. We agree that though not everyone would like it, this game has the ability to change lives by just having a mere experience. This game will trend now and in the future as well because of its various characteristics that other board games do not have. So, what are you waiting for? Play Shastranga and spend some quality time with your family, thereby getting to know some interesting facts that will help you in and out!



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