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Mysteries of India

India is known for being the confluence of a variety of cultures that have given this civilization different languages, arts, and music. Our Incredible India is also a storehouse of several incredible and unexplained mysteries which no expert has been able to solve, despite all the scientific feats and advancements of the country.

Let us look at five of these unsolved mysteries from India:

  1. Iron pillar, Delhi

In Delhi stands a 7-meter-tall Iron Pillar built almost 1600 years ago. It is famous all over the world for being absolutely rust-resistant because of the characteristic components of the metals used to build the pillar. Several scientists conducted many complex analyses and ran multiple tests but the pillar remained corrosion resistant. People are still puzzled by the techniques that were available more than a thousand years ago that allowed people to build such an advanced iron pillar.

  1. Sonic Boom, Jodhpur

The people of Jodhpur heard a sudden deafening sonic boom on 18th December 2012. Witnesses described the sound to be like a great explosion but the source could never be identified. In most cases, sonic booms are heard when airplanes go faster than the speed of sound. However, there were no planes flying above Jodhpur and no explosions occurred in the area either. This kind of sonic boom was also experienced in different places across the World and it continues to be a mystery to date.

  1. Twins’ Village, Kerala

The Kodinhi village in Kerala is believed to experience an unnatural amount of twin births. Going by scientific advances and research, the number of twins grows every year and no one can explain the reason for this weird phenomenon. This village and its experiences are counted among the most mysterious cases in the World.

  1. Extinction of Indus Valley

This instance is probably the most ancient mystery of India. Several questions remain unanswered about the beginning and end of this great civilization. The Indus valley civilization was bigger than the combined size of both Egypt and Mesopotamia. The mystery behind the creators of this civilization along with their complex pictographic script from 4000 years ago has not yet been unearthed. The most extraordinary fact about it is that every major site on Indus faced a sudden decline and ended almost simultaneously. Although several theories have been postulated about this incident, they have never been able to explain it conclusively.

  1. Brihadeswara Temple, Thanjavur

Thanjavur’s ‘Big Temple’ is acclaimed everywhere as an architectural miracle and is included in the list of World Heritage Sites in India. Although there exist a number of such similar majestic temples all over Tamil Nadu, this temple is particularly marvelous because of the architectural mysteries that surround it. The granite body of the temple is known to have one of the highest Gopurams in the country. At its very top, 66 meters to be precise, a monolithic Shikhara weighing 81 tonnes has been mounted. Despite architectural and scientific growth over several centuries that have managed to create many marvels, the height of this temple which dates back more than a Millenium continues to baffle experts. Doubts about the mounting of this heavy and gigantic Shikhara at this height and the huge amounts of granite that had to be carried for building it onsite without any recorded quarries nearby still remain unanswered.

Recently, there has been an unprecedented growth in the interest among people in such real-world mysteries that were unsolved for centuries. Imagine if your hunger for mysteries could be combined with an interesting, engaging board game. Awesome, isn’t it?

Shastranga has heard your prayers. This amazing board game marks the renaissance of our traditional beliefs to couple them with modern-day theories and observations. Speaking of the bridge binding together cultural knowledge with emotional thoughts, the game of Shastranga opens new avenues for simultaneously exploring the disciplines of astrology and astronomy.

Such a game allows the players to dive straight into an infinite and diverse collection of intriguing mysteries with fun and entertainment while also understanding their past to manifest the future. The division of ideas between Astrology and Astronomy is absolutely amazing and extremely interesting.

Astronomy refers to the study and research of our universe that exists beyond the boundary of the Earth through years of observations and is often called the scientific world. On the other hand, astrology refers to the world outside science that studies the effects of motions of the universe on everything taking place on Earth, including our lives. For instance, astrologers are deeply interested to understand the positions, directions, and paths of movement of all kinds of celestial bodies that significantly affect the lives of people living on earth.

Throughout our history that dates back centuries to the time invaders came to loot, plunder and rule India, the board games were maintained with immense interest and played with great effort and integrity. Shastranga also builds upon this ideal and wants our board games to make a comeback along with our knowledge of history and customs. As a bonus, Shastranga will also unite your entire family and friend circle on one fine afternoon with nostalgia and memories. This is also the first game ever created in the world that allows you to customize the currency as well as draw cards in a limited manner.

Our history is teeming with mysteries to solve and lessons to learn. While some of these may be pretty recent, others have remained unanswered for hundreds of years. Shastranga carries this legacy to the progeny by including the multitude of puzzling stories that have left generations of scientists baffled over a period of several decades.

This game will let you take a glimpse at a few of such enigmas that are really inexplicable and incredibly puzzling, and help you discover more about these age-old mysteries from India.

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